Thursday, December 5, 2013

Show Us What You Bought Linky

I stumbled across this linky a couple days ago as I was trying to decide what to buy from the TPT sale! It is so hard to choose what to buy....there are so many great products out there from so many talented people!

I was searching different stores and looking up different products....about 3 hours later, this is what I ended up with:

Have you heard of RedPepper yet!? I never had! I actually found their store through this linky, and I'm in love. They have so many different colorful papers....DEFINITELY check them out!

I ALMOST bought the whole "It's a Small World" pack.....but then I decided to just go with the Australia one. I'm really excited to have this spice up my Australia unit!
I'm really excited about this pack from Lidia Barbosa. If you've followed my blog for awhile, you know that my students LOVE playdough (as most kids do!)
My playdough center really needs some spicing up, so this will be perfect.

What do you do with playdough in your classroom? (Seriously.....I want you to leave a comment and tell me!)

Lastly, I got this Stamping center pack from Mrs. Miners Monkey Business! I've had my eye on this for awhile, but didn't have alphabet stamps. WELL, I recently found an uppercase and lowercase pack of transparent stamps at Lakeshore for $11.99 each!

If you think you'd like to try out this pack, she has a stamping freebie you can grab here!

What did you buy at the sale!?

Head on over and link up!

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Planning Giveaway Stop A-4

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. Can you believe it's already December!? Well, pour yourself a cup of Hot Cocoa (if you already have candy canes, like me, you can throw one of those in too!) and get comfy ....we have a great giveaway planned for you! A giveaway that EVERYONE WINS!!

You heard me right. EVERYONE!

This is how it works. There are 3 different prize packs to choose from....but no one is stopping you, so why not grab them all!?!

You will visit each blog in the pack that you choose, follow them, leave some comment love for each know, to let us know you appreciate us ;)

Each blog will have a "secret word" that you must find. Collect all of them and submit them to Erin at I'm Lovin Lit, and she will email you your prize pack. Simple as that!

You can start right here if you want the K-2 Prize Pack! Or click the top image to go to I'm Lovin Lit and join the fun!

 Let's get this party started!! 

This is everything included in Prize Pack A:

I'm very excited to give you all my "Roll Roll as Fast as You Can" game!

This Roll, Say & Keep game can be used as a center or small group. It will help your students practice identifying numbers 1-120.

I know if I add a dice to anything, my kinders are all over it! They LOVE games, and what better way to practice number recognition than a fun and engaging game like this!

Just print it, cut it, laminate it and you're good to go!

I can't wait to use this in my classroom this week, and I hope that your students will all enjoy it too!

Now, before I give you my secret word, I would LOVE it if you'd take the time to follow me! Just click the little blue "Join This Site" button at the top right of my blog. Then you'll get updates on other freebies and fun posts that I have!

You can follow me on Facebook to grab a Fans only Freebie, and Bloglovin by clicking the pictures below:

I also have quite a few Christmas freebies in my store! Head on over to check them out, and make sure to follow my store while you're at it!

In fact, I just posted this freebie in my store yesterday.
Just click the picture to grab it!

While you're there, take a look around and see if you can check anything off of your Christmas List! And don't forget about the huge TPT Cyber sale going on too. You can get 28% off everything in my store when you use the promo code.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting me by following! It really means a lot :)

Now it's time for your secret word:

Just click the image above to go back to I'm Lovin Lit and collect all of your secret words.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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