Friday, June 14, 2013

Teacher Toolbox Trio Linky!!

I am linking up with Eberopolis for this "Teacher Toolbox Trio" linky party!


Here are the rules of the trio:
1. Share a product that you've made that you couldn't live without.
2. Share a product that you've purchased that you love.
3. Share something from your wish list that you're hoping to get for next year.

If you're not a seller on TpT, no worries -- just share two products you've purchased that you love!  

1. A product that I've made:

I don't know what I'd do without my "Playdough Club" pack! I love having playdough in my classroom and we use it everyday during center time....but I usually don't remember to make it until 11:00 Sunday night! So I made a club for parents to sign up and volunteer to make playdough throughout the year for our class!

This was the first year I did this. It was extremely successful and saved me so much time!

2. Share a product that you've purchased that you love:

I'm going to cheat a little bit and share TWO products that I have used this past year:
These are both AMAZING products and my kindergarteners LOVED studying about Earth and how we can be "Planet Protectors" by Reducing, Reusing & Recycling!
Easy Ecology is from Teacher to the Core and it includes a fabulous interactive little book that my kids were very excited about. 
Hooray for Earth Day is from my good friend Shannon at The Teaching Twosome. It introduced me to Michael Recycle! (If you haven't heard of these books you have to look into them....seriously....go!) I immediately had to buy the books when I saw how adorable they were! 
Shannan has included a fun smart art craft to go along with this book. And also included other fun activities and information about Earth.
If you are in need of products about Earth then definitely check these two out!
3. Share something from your wishlist:
Oh man....where to start! I have many wonderful things on my wishlist it's hard to just choose one......

 That's why I have to share two with you (I'm a horrible decision maker if you can't tell...)

This first one is from Sarah Cooley. Seriously....this is THE CUTEST dental health unit I've seen. It includes pages about dentists and hygienists, vocabulary words and picture cards, a science experiment, "The Adventures of Super Tooth and the Cavity Villains" little book and more! Definitely check this out!

This is from Kreative in Kinder. I've never done anything with Zero the Hero, but this unit has definitely made me interested! It looks like so much fun and I'm sure all my kinders would LOVE it. It includes calender numbers, homework pages, class books, puppets for the kids to make and a lot more. Click the picture if you want to add it to your wishlist too!

Thanks for hangin out with me! If you want to link up, just click the picture at the top and head over to Eberopolis! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh my!! Fun Recipe Linky Party

I'm linking up with Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road for her:

Do you have a favorite recipe, something you've found on Pinterest to try, or a great restaurant to recommend? Please join in, each week, all summer long! The linky is open all week so feel free to link up at any point!! (Click the picture above to head over and link up!)

 Today I want to share my FAVORITE summer drink recipe with you!!

Brazilian Limeade
(Click the picture below to go to Over The Big Moon and see both of these summer drink recipes)

You will need: 5 limes, 6-7 cups water, 1 c sugar, and 6 Tbsp sweet and condensed milk. 

1. Cut limes in half, then juice them.

2. Next zest the lime skins. Most Brazilian limeades tell you to blend the limes but blending the whole lime causes the juice to get bitter as the day goes on. By just zesting them the juice is just as good the next day.

3. Add the juice, zest, and sugar to the water and stir.

4. Right before serving add the sweet and condensed milk and stir again.

This recipe is WAY easy,  pretty fast and SO SO yummy!

Thanks for stopping by and head over and link up your yummy recipes!

I hope you're having a great, relaxing summer!!!!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Teachers Notebook VS Teachers Pay Teachers (Do you know the difference?)

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between Teachers Notebook (TN) and Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)?

I first heard of TPT a few years ago, opened a buyers account and loved shopping around! I heard about TN shortly after that and opened an account there as well, but rarely used it.

This year I decided to open my own free TPT store and have had so much fun with it! I love the fact that other teachers can use things that I've created. 

Well, now that I have my own store, I am more interested in the differences between the two sites! I was AMAZED at what I found out and wondered if everyone else knew about them! I decided to share with you all the info I found:


(Click on the pictures to see a larger version)

They both definitely have their pros and cons! After researching the two, I decided to open a store at Teachers Notebook and have decided to try and make more purchases there, because stores receive higher royalties there! (I want more of my money going to the teacher who made the product!)

I do have to add here that TPT Premium stores do NOT have to pay a transaction fee....but they DO have to pay the annual $59.95 vs TN only having a one time $49.95 fee for Premium BUT still having a $0.15 transaction fee. (All based on personal preference I guess!)

I have decided when I'm ready to upgrade to a premium store, I will for sure do it at Teachers Notebook and only pay the one time fee to do so, although I will still have the transaction fee, I feel that in the long run it would be the better option. (But who knows....maybe I'll end up doing it at both stores!)

After having my stores for over a year now I felt like I needed to add a little note on this post. I have now upgraded my TPT store and will gladly pay the annual $59. I have yet to upgrade my TN store. I feel that TPT is so much more well known and used. I have sold WAY more things in my TPT store than my TN store. I feel that upgrading my TPT store was the best thing I've done and highly recommend it if you're considering it. 

I will keep my TN store open, but don't see myself upgrading anytime in the near future as I just don't have enough sales to make it worth it right now. 

I love both sites and what they have done for the teaching community.
You should look more into both of them if you're interested!

If you'd like to check out my store at TN or TPT click on the social media buttons on the top right of my sidebar! (My TN store could definitely use a little follower lovin' right now if you have an account there! Haha!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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