Friday, March 22, 2013

What has Spring brought into your classroom?

Spring is well on it's way here in Nevada! Our average temperatures this week have been in the 70+ I'm lovin it!

We've done a few art projects recently to celebrate March holidays:

First up, we made these adorable leprechauns and they each thought of what makes them feel lucky. The girls decided they wanted to make girl leprechauns and gave them orange hair instead of a beard and some girls wanted to give bangs too! A few of my boys also thought it was funny to give them an orange mustache. They make me laugh so much! (I thought they turned out adorable!!)

Our Spring Break is next week and we won't be back to school until after Easter, so we made these fun Easter bunnies today. I let them decorate however they wanted...I love seeing their creativity and what they can come up with!

With spring starting this week we also talked about what spring is. They came up with a HUGE list. I gave them a white paper and told them to draw and color what spring is to them. 


I love the all the lightening bolts (top right) and one of my girls told me she always needs a ladder to pick fruit off the trees (bottom left)

What has Spring brought into your classroom? 

Link up with Teaching with Moxie for her March photo challenge before the month ends! {She does them each month, so make sure to check them out!}

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ONE more thing!

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I'm so excited to start my Spring break now!

I'll be posting my 2 Truths and a Lie answers soon!

Have a wonderful evening!


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