Monday, March 25, 2013

My Lie Revealed and a Little More About Me!

The time has arrived for me to come clean about my lie from last week!

1. I worked and saved my money in high school and bought a pink car my Senior year!

Before I bought this car I did not like pink! After I had saved up enough money, I started looking around for a car....when I saw this I thought it was awesome! So I bought it! {And named it Pepto} Pink is now my favorite color. I even got the "Best Car" award in my Senior HS Yearbook. Haha.  It even had an intercom hooked up so I could talk to people outside! I loved this car so much, when it came time to sell it, I cried.
 {Just for the record, I bought it with that little dent on the back bumper....I did not get in an accident!}

2. My parents have a boat and my family LOVES to go boating! My brother, sister & I have even taught ourselves how to make a human pyramid while water skiing! 

This is actually partly true! My parents DO have a boat and we all LOVE to go boating....but it was actually MY DAD who taught himself {and a couple of his friends} how to make a human pyramid!
He's currently looking for a picture so I can post it on here! When he finds it I'll post it up here for you's pretty sweet!

3. I got my wisdom teeth out in December 2005 and my chin is still numb from the surgery! 
The oral surgeon touched my nerves during the surgery and told me it may never come back....It was 100% numb for about 6 months. Following another 6 months of the tingly-coming-UN-numb-feeling. It was not fun. It has slowly been coming back, now it's mostly my bottom lip and center of my chin, at least we're making progress! 
{Maybe in another 7 years it will be back to normal? Haha}

As for this week.....the topic is the "Noun Game"
My amazing husband! We've almost been married for 3 years and I love him more everyday! He is my biggest supporter and is always celebrating milestones with me. He is currently going to grad school and works so hard! He's my best friend and I don't know what I'd ever do without him!

 My favorite place would have to be on a cruise ship! It is the best vacation hands down. They're usually pretty cheap, and includes all your food and entertainment {minus the shore excursions.} I went on a Mexican cruise with my family before I was married and for our honeymoon we went on a Caribbean cruise!
My Grandma & Grandpa are now in their 80's and have always wanted to go on a cruise...and have always wanted to go to Alaska! family decided that we're going on an Alaskan cruise WITH them in June! {It's all booked and everything!} We are stoked!!
 I'm going to cheat a little bit on this one and say 2 of my favorite things: Grapefruit & FRESH garden Tomatoes. {NOT together though!! Gross!} I really think I could live off of these two round things of goodness!
(Click pictures to go to their source)
Question: Do you eat your grapefruits with sugar, salt or plain?
My answer: Salt.  
Question: What about tomatoes?
My answer: The best way to eat a tomato is like an apple. Just bite into it! (With salt too!)
My mouth is starting to water...okay, onto the last one...
Giraffe. Definitely Giraffe. 
I have one hanging on my mirror in my car, and a couple stuffed animals (one of which is a LARGE one from Costco...) In fact, My husband and I went to Arizona last year and I found out that at their zoo they let you FEED their GIRAFFES!!! If I lived in Arizona, I alone, would probably go enough to keep the zoo in business!  
After we got there we had to wait in line....amongst a bunch of little kids! I was more excited than all of them put together {SERIOUSLY!} I was also EXTREMELY nervous! It was one of the best days EVER! 
  {I recently heard that the zoo in Colorado Springs, I believe, allows you to PET their stop....Colorado!}

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Friday, March 22, 2013

What has Spring brought into your classroom?

Spring is well on it's way here in Nevada! Our average temperatures this week have been in the 70+ I'm lovin it!

We've done a few art projects recently to celebrate March holidays:

First up, we made these adorable leprechauns and they each thought of what makes them feel lucky. The girls decided they wanted to make girl leprechauns and gave them orange hair instead of a beard and some girls wanted to give bangs too! A few of my boys also thought it was funny to give them an orange mustache. They make me laugh so much! (I thought they turned out adorable!!)

Our Spring Break is next week and we won't be back to school until after Easter, so we made these fun Easter bunnies today. I let them decorate however they wanted...I love seeing their creativity and what they can come up with!

With spring starting this week we also talked about what spring is. They came up with a HUGE list. I gave them a white paper and told them to draw and color what spring is to them. 


I love the all the lightening bolts (top right) and one of my girls told me she always needs a ladder to pick fruit off the trees (bottom left)

What has Spring brought into your classroom? 

Link up with Teaching with Moxie for her March photo challenge before the month ends! {She does them each month, so make sure to check them out!}

Also, I'm donating an item towards two different giveaways:

We Heart Edu's giveaway for reaching 300 tpt followers! They have 4 different giveaways going on right now with a bunch of fabulous items. (3 for K-2 and 1 for 3-5)

also Happy Teacher Heaven's giveaway for reaching 100 followers on her blog! Don't miss out!

ONE more thing!

I just wanted to make sure you all heard about the fun blog hop that started today! There are 13 different stops with 13 great freebies so definitely check it out.

It's running until Monday, March 25th so grab them while you can!

I'm so excited to start my Spring break now!

I'll be posting my 2 Truths and a Lie answers soon!

Have a wonderful evening!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!!

I've decided to link up with Flying into First's "Let's Get Aquainted" linky party to help us get to know each other better! If you want to join in on the fun, click the picture below to either add your own link, or read other bloggers posts!

Each Sunday Latoya will post a new topic and this weeks topic is:

2 Truths and a Lie

Are you ready for this!?

You have all week to guess which one is my lie, and then I'll come clean and tell you which one I'm lying about!

1. I worked and saved my money in high school and bought a pink car my Senior year!

2. My parents have a boat and my family LOVES to go boating! My brother, sister & I have even taught ourselves how to make a human pyramid while water skiing! 

3. I got my wisdom teeth out in December 2005 and my chin is still numb from the surgery!

Good Luck!

 Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday!!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anyone else STOKED about SPRING!?!

I hope you have all had a wonderful St. Patrick's day today!

Did a Leprechaun visit your house or classroom? 
I'll be posting pictures this week of our leprechaun adventures!

In the meantime though....

Can you believe that Easter is only in 2 weeks!?! 

I'll be honest. Not a fan of Easter in March. 

Who gets to decide when Easter is anyway?

Well with only 2 weeks left and Spring right around the corner, I have made an "Egg-cellent Contractions" product and posted it at my TPT store for only $1.50! It includes a total of 34 contractions and their pairs in both color and black and white making a total of 144 cards!

I also included 4 whole group activities & 4 centers that can be played with these card, including a "write around the room" and "contraction peeps" {my personal fav.}

If your interested, just click the picture above to go to my store and check it out!


If you would like to win it, Christy over at Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road is having a giveaway for reaching 100 followers! My "Egg-cellent Contractions" is part of her giveaway, so click the picture below to check it out and see what 40+ bloggers are donating to the lucky winner!

Her giveaway ends on March 30th so make sure to go over there before then!

Our Spring Break is next more week, one more week. 
I think I might be looking forward to it more than the kids!

Check back tomorrow for another FREEBIE!!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Have You Linked Up!? And a TON of FREEBIES

There are a couple sweet link up parties going on right now! 

The first one is hosted by 5th in the middle. Have you ever wondered what other bloggers live in your state!? (Canada is also included) This is the perfect chance to find out! Click the picture below to link up and find other blog authors in your state!

The next one is being hosted by 123 Teach with Me. It's a Facebook page link up! Click the picture below to add your own Facebook page or to just go and check out all the amazing pages over there!

I also wanted to share a few other FREEBIE's I came across this week for St. Patrick's Day! 

The first one I'm going to share with you is from Growing Firsties. It's a BRILLIANT idea on teaching your kids about basic fractions : 1/2 and 1/4.
In fact, I did this with my kids yesterday! They LOVED it and thought it was hilarious! This is how they turned out:

This Kindergarten Pack is from 2 Teaching Mommies and includes some amazing freebies! 
100's chart hidden art, 
Pot of Gold addition/subtraction page, 
skip counting puzzles, 
word tracing strips and more!

Nicole at Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten has posted 21....yes TWENTY-ONE....FREE math and literacy centers for St. Patrick's Day. They are all amazing! Don't miss out on these!

The rest of these freebies I found on Teachers Pay Teachers. I'm not going to give a description of each one, but click on the picture to go and check it out! 

Color by Odd/Even Numbers          CCVC Game board 
Color the Coins                     Writing Template 


 This is a sight word game freebie. It includes 6 sight word game boards and the 7th one is a blank board to be used with any concept! I love this!

These last two are random freebies. One is a family letter to make a leprechaun trap and the other is a fun game you can play by hiding the gold coins around your room!

I also just wanted to remind you of the two freebies I have right now. Click the picture below to go to the original posts and grab them!

I hope you'll be able to use some of these freebies! 

I'd love to hear about what fun things you do with your kids for St. Patrick's day!

Have a fabulous weekend!