Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Valentine Exchange

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this hilarious picture on Facebook over the last couple of weeks. I couldn't resist posting it today!

I'm a little late posting about Valentine's Day, but better late than never right!?

My class was fortunate enough to participate in a Kindergarten Valentine Exchange! We had a group of 26 classes total, including us, from all over America and one from Canada. Each class made enough Valentines to share with each class. We also made a letter about our school/state and then mailed them to each other!

It was a lot of fun receiving so much mail and my students really enjoyed learning about different states and seeing their unique Valentines!

Here are some pictures of the Valentines that we created as a class:

We used the erasers of pencils to stamp onto different colored stamp pads, then make patterns, designs or just random dots all over our hearts. Afterwards we wrote "Happy Valentine's Day" on each one, cut them out and we were good to go!

They all had so much fun decorating and writing on their Valentines and were excited to put them in envelopes to be mailed to all our new friends.

I forgot to take pictures of our final cards before mailing them, but they all turned out really cute!

After reading the letters from our new friends, we added them to our bulletin board in the hall. It was a lot of fun to see where everyone lived and how we all live in different climates, have different weather and favorite things to do. One thing that we had in common with a lot of classes was our love of P.E. and recess!

 Our exchange was so much fun! The coordinator of the exchange put a lot of time and effort into organizing all of the groups for it and I'd just like to give her a HUGE thank you!! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your classes!

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  1. Hey there! What unique way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Love it!

    The Teaching Twosome


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