Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The World's Best Pencil Sharpener!

Oh my word you guys! I have the best thing EVER to share with you.

I mean, it is something that will change your teacher life.

Literally. It will never be the same again!

You know in the movie Elf, when he sees the sign that says "World's Best Cup of Coffee" and then he bursts through the doors yelling "CONGRATULATIONS! World's Best Coffee! You Did It!"

Well, that just about sums up how I feel right now, except I want to shout out "I found it! The World's Best Pencil Sharpener! It Finally Exists!"

I don't know about you but I have tried just about every pencil sharpener out there and without fail, they always break. They sharpen better on one side than the other, they don't sharpen enough or they sharpen too much...the agony never ends! And no one can truly understand this dilemma unless they have been a teacher.

Well I am so excited to announce that your dilemma does not need to continue any longer! Classroom Friendly Supplies has the answer.

I do recommend that you have a little lesson to teach your students how to use it. It's not your average sharpener and they will need to learn how it works properly.

First, you will need to pull out the silver plate on the front:

Next, you squeeze the plastic knobs together on the top of the plate and slide the pencil through the hole into the sharpener.

Once the pencil is pushed into the sharpener, release the knobs. This allows the small "teeth" on the silver plate to hold the pencil securely while it is sharpened.

Next, hold the sharpener down with one hand while you turn the crank with the other.

One of the best things about this sharpener is that it won't over sharpen. You will feel the pressure stop when the pencil is done sharpening! Then just squeeze those little knobs again to release the pencil.

I sharpened many different pencils, including some that were only sharpened on one side from a previous pencil sharpener and all of them came out looking like this...

My students absolutely LOVE it! They are still raving about how sharp their pencils are and we've been using it for a few weeks now!

If you are looking for the pencil sharpener answer, I promise you will not be disappointed with this one!

Here's a video if you want more information about it:

If you would like more information then check out the website!  

I received my pencil sharpener for free from "Classroom Friendly Supplies" in exchange for this review. This review is my true and honest opinion about this product.

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  1. I want to know how much its price ? And what is the best kind for students ?


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