Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wiggle Worm Game

I found a fun game here called "Wiggle Worms" and wanted to make my own version! Basically you put different concepts on popsicle sticks, and put them in a container along with some sticks that have "worms" on it. If a child chooses a worm stick, then everyone can wiggle around in their seat. If they choose another stick, they tell you what is on it. You could use this for so many different things: number, letters, shapes, colors, addition, subtraction, etc.

Just click on the picture, right click and copy the image, then paste it into Word. Then print, cut out and attach this to your container:

Here are some things you could add to the popsicle sticks, or you could draw it directly onto each stick:

(I used Google for all of the graphics for this game)

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