Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Groundhogs Day Fun

I know I'm a little late posting about groundhogs day, (better late then never, right!?) but my kids were SO excited about it!

The first thing we did was read this book:

This is a great book about shadows. It discusses not only our own shadows, and the shadows of things around us, but also that night time is a shadow from the sun! (My kids were enthralled!) 

Then we went outside to find shadows around us. We found shadows of our school, the cars driving past, the trees, and even an airplane flying over us!

THEN they got to explore their own shadows.
{I could have let them do this for hours!}

They tried to make shadow puppets, and jump on each others was a blast! I love teaching Kindergarten because they're still learning so much about the simple things around them and they get SO excited! I love watching their excitement!

They also learned what "Shadow Tag" is....just like freeze tag, but if someone steps on your shadow, you freeze until someone else on your team touches you then your free!

After they explored their shadows for awhile we went back inside and learned about Punxsutawney Phil! We read these books throughout the day:

I downloaded this from First Grade Blue Skies:
(Click the picture to download)

and also this cute Groundhog page topper from I Love First Grade:
(Click the picture to download) 

Then we made our shadow predictions and made these:

I must admit that this one has to be my favorite....
I can't look at it without laughing! Haha, it makes my day!
I try to encourage my kids to color their projects however they want...they know that groundhogs are really brown, but I love allowing them to use their creativity!

The following week they were excited, yelling & running down the hall to our classroom door, to tell me that Phil did NOT see his shadow! I love when they get so excited about things!!

A couple other fun freebies I found for Groundhogs Day from TPT. Just click the pictures to go to the link and download your own:

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!


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