Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Tarsal bone's connected to the.....Tibia {Freebie}

We've been learning about our bodies the last few weeks! It's crazy how much some of my kids already know about their bodies. We've talked different organs like our hearts, lungs & brains. We've also talked about what we need to do to keep these healthy. 

I found some great short video clips on YouTube about different things in our bodies. They're titled "Learn about Human Body Parts for Kids" and there are a bunch of them! about the heart, lungs, skeleton, skin, tongue, brain, liver, kidney, name it and they probably have it. They're only about 2 minutes long (which, let's face it - is perfect for our youngsters!) and they teach great concepts. 

I grabbed this freebie from Little Miss Kindergarten:

They are adorable and my kids LOVED coloring them and deciding what was good for our bodies and what wasn't the best. There are both a girl and boy skeleton to grab. Just click on the picture to go straight to her blog and grab them.

Also, my brother recently came into town to visit us for a few days. He is currently a nurse and offered to come in and teach my kids some fun facts about their bodies. Of course, my sweet husband also came and together they did a great amazing job!!

They taught my kids that our lungs are like balloons. When we breath in, they get big and when we breath out they get small again. 

They let my Kinders listen to their resting heart beat with their stethescopes, then after exercising and jumping around for a few minutes, listen to them again and hear the difference.

They demonstrated when we have light in our eyes, our pupils get smaller:

and also when our knees are tapped with a soft hammer, they have a reflex and move!

Needless to say, they had a blast!

This week I'm planning on teaching them a song to the tune of the "Macarena" - labeling bones in their bodies. You can sing it multiple times and each time get faster and faster. It goes like this:

 Tarsal (point to foot)
Tibia (bone towards the inside, below knee)
Fibula (bone outside, below knee)
 Patella (kneecap)
Femur (bone above knee)
Pelvis (hip bone)
and Sternum. (where ribs join in center of chest)
Carpals (wrist)
Ulna (bone on arm- same side as pinky finger)
Radius (bone on arm- same side as thumb)
Humerus (arm above elbow)'s my cranium! (skull)

We're also going to attempt to make these:

 We'll see how they turn out!

 Last, but definitely not least....I made a "Number Surgery" math center that I'd like to share with all of you! My kids had SO much fun pretending to be a Doctor! I highly recommend letting them dress the part.

I got tweezers, gloves & masks for them to wear while performing "surgery" and of course had to take a couple million pictures of them!

The bones are "broken" and they have to put them back together by finding the right answer.

There are:
adding and subtracting doubles
adding and subtracting 1
adding and subtracting 0

Afterwards they get to record their results on their clipboard (because that's what Doctors do, right?)

I am so excited to share this center with you all. 
Please leave me feedback and follow my blog and I'll make sure to keep giving you freebies. 
Click the picture below to grab your copy!

I hope you're all having a great week!


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  1. Very cute activity! Kids will totally love it. I am your newest follower.
    The Phonics Phenomenon

  2. SUPER cute idea!! Thank you for sharing!!


  3. How cute is this activity!! The tweezers also help with fine motor skills YaYY!! I'm your newest follower-thanks for the freebie.

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I do the Q-tip skeleton with my first graders, takes them awhile but they come out sooo cute! I love your blog & am your newest follower!!
    Science for Kids Blog

  5. Absolutely adorable pictures and lesson! I love that you had your brother come in! I wish I taught little ones, it makes my 4th graders seem HUGE! :)
    Have a great week,
    Pinkadots Elementary


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